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Postwar South Asia: Democracy Rising

While the Middle East may get most of the media attention when it comes to foreign affairs, South Asia is the region that has the focus of various policy makers.

Shaky Allies: Oh, Mali!

American involvement in Mali, once seen as a key part of counterterrorism efforts in Africa, backfired spectacularly over the course of 2012.

UC Health Insurance: A sinking SHIP

Almost three years since the University of California’s student health insurance plan, billed to “keep costs low,” was launched, the plan has turned into a sinking ship of debt.

Ending the Prop. 8 Era

Daniel Goldstein argues that California has an opportunity to restore the rights of millions of citizens with the help of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Breaking DOMA

Jeremy Lowenthal argues that DOMA reinforced homophobia and a culture of social stigma in American society.