About DPR

DAVIS POLITICAL REVIEW is the first and only nonpartisan political commentary magazine at UC Davis.

Davis Political Review was founded by Alex E. Tavlian in October 2012 in the hopes of establishing a forum for students to voice their political opinions. Our first editorial board was elected in December 2012 and the publication was born.

After a four-month rest period, Davis Political Review was re-established by former Editor in Chief Kristine Craig in January 2014. In late April, we launched the Davis Political Review website and released our first print issue on the UC Davis campus.

Under Craig’s leadership, the publication took on an entirely new life. Through weekly online articles and a quarterly printed publication, writers of Davis Political Review were able to encourage campus awareness of meaningful political issues. While the editorial board of our publication remains nonpartisan, each writer is encouraged to express their own opinion when crafting their articles.

In March 2016, Angela Su was appointed as the next Editor-in-Chief of Davis Political Review. Her leadership and vision for the magazine spurred our growth, providing more and more students with the opportunity to express their political perspectives in the hopes of stimulating reactions, activism, and political awareness.

In December 2017, Angela appointed Grace Weiland as the next Editor-in-Chief. Under Weiland’s leadership, Davis Political Review expanded to include more than fifty writers, editors and board members, making it possible to better fulfill our mission: to engage students and members of the community in a constructive dialogue around complex political issues.

The baton was passed to current Editor-in-Chief Eric Quintanar in June 2018.