Long Live the Intifada?

Source: VOCfm

Source: VOCfm

“From Davis to Gaza long live the Intifada!” This was the phrase that Students for Justice in Palestine chanted in UC Davis’ quad for nearly half an hour on Wednesday, Oct. 14. Although “Intifada” translates to “uprising” in Arabic, the group was standing in solidarity with the call for a Third Intifada against Israel. The previous two Intifadas refer to Palestinian uprisings in Israel, filled with years of nearly daily terrorist attacks upon Israeli citizens. The previous two Intifadas collectively took the lives of 1170 Israelis.

In the beginning of October, a series of attacks throughout Israel, primarily in Jerusalem, led many around the world to suspect that a third Intifada was indeed beginning. This recent strain in attacks began on Oct. 1, during the High Holidays, the most significant and holiest time of year in Judaism. On this day, 2 Israelis, Eitam Henkin and Naama Henkin, were driving through the West Bank on their way home with their four young children, all under the age of ten. An approaching car slowed, and someone in it shot the young couple as they drove by, murdering them in front of their children. Two days later, a Palestinian man approached 2 young men, a woman, and a child in Jerusalem’s Old City, stabbing the 2 men to death, and seriously injuring the woman and child. In the eleven days since then, there have been a total of nineteen terrorist attacks throughout the country, ranging from stabbings to cars purposefully running into people.

Most of these attacks have been grossly misrepresented by highly regarded international sources, including CNN and BBC, as they often making Israel seem the perpetrator of these attacks. In a televised conference this past week, head of the Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas held a televised conference in which he criticized Israel for “executing” Palestinian 13-year-old Ahmed Manasra “in cold blood”. Abbas made no mention of the fact that Mansara had just stabbed an Israeli man, nor that Mansara was hit by a car while chasing his victim down the street. Abbas also failed to mention that this young teenager was not actually executed. In fact, he was recovering in an Israeli hospital and being treated by Israeli doctors. Typical of their usual Israel coverage, many left-wing news sources seemed to tell a story similar to that told by Abbas, completely ignoring the other half of the story. Another news source faulted the Israel Defense Forces for shooting an “unarmed Palestinian woman” in the feet. This news source grazed over the fact that she was not, in fact, unarmed, but rather had been running towards soldiers wielding a knife. Yet another news outlet mourned the loss of a 19-year-old Palestinian man who was shot by Israeli police. Yet again, no mention was made of the Israelis he had murdered shortly before being shot.  The gross misrepresentation of these vicious killings illustrate the way in which the media is strongly biased against Israel.

All over the world people are not only misinterpreting the facts about what has happened in Israel, but they are actively advocating for the Third Intifada to begin. Many in the anti-Israel party seem to think that if Palestinians continue to act violently toward innocent Israelis, their situation will get better. However, these acts of violence are having the exact opposite effect on the country. Currently in Israel, these daily murders are making the country more divided than ever. Many Israelis, both Jewish and Arab, are too scared to venture outside and get on with their normal life. A great deal of those in the anti-Israel camp claim that they campaign for peace, for coexistence, and for the future of a two-state solution, and yet, they advocate for the continual killing that drives Palestinians and Israelis even further apart. Every killing that happens and every response that occurs in its aftermath do nothing but create added resentment and anger between these two groups.  Added resentment and anger only add to the tensions between the two groups, and do nothing to get either side closer to a two-state solution. Students for Justice in Palestine at Davis is supposed to be a student group advocating for human rights and for a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  It is unfortunate that Students for Justice in Palestine is so blind to the reality of this situation that they think it appropriate to advocate for the continuation of violent attacks upon Israeli citizens.

The author of this article chose to remain anonymous due to the controversial nature of this topic.

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